GMYS Music Theory & Eurythmics

In response to repeated requests from our summer program participants and after many years of working to make this happen, GMYS is pleased to announce that we will now offer a class combining Eurhythmics and Music Theory in conjunction with our orchestra rehearsals on Saturday morning! This class will be led by Peter Cressy, always a favorite instructor at our summer programs.
Peter will lead two sessions of this class each week so all interested orchestra musicians will be able to attend. The classes are also open to young musicians who do not play with one of our orchestras. As with all GMYS activities, the learning environment will be comfortable, noncompetitive and encouraging so each student can grow musically.
Three broad areas will be covered during the semester.

Music Theory

Music theory will cover basic concepts including key signatures, intervals, scales, harmony and melodic structure with emphasis on enriching the musical experience. Solfege and development of relative pitch will be important components of this class.


Eurythmics is a method of rhythmic education thorough movement. A wide range of activities designed to enhance the perception and execution of rhythm will be used.

Other Music Subjects

Repertory and Concert Orchestra members will be able to register for a class that will meet for one hour each week after orchestra rehearsal.

Senior Orchestra members will be able to register for a class that will meet for one and one-quarter hours each week before orchestra rehearsal.

Students registering for this course should be confident music readers on their own instruments. Interested students who do not play in a GMYS orchestra should contact the Orchestra Manager for assistance determining which session would be most appropriate.

Peter Cressy was introduced to Eurhythmics while a composition student at the Cleveland Institute of Music. By trade a classical music editor and engraver, he also teaches music theory privately, and has been the Eurhythmics instructor at five of the orchestra's summer camps. The feedback from the camps has been very positive, the kids have a lot of fun, and in many cases a marked improvement has been made in the participants' rhythmic skills.




All Ages ~ All Levels ~ All Instruments

Now scheduling audtions for fall 2015 placement and for the August 2015 Creative Arts & Music Program (CAMP)


Where & Where

Monday, May 11, 3-9 pm
Monday May 18, 3-9 pm
Wednesday, May 27, 3-9 pm
Sunday, June 7, 10 am - 5 pm

by appointment

Monteverdi Music School
46 Barre Street, Montpelier, VT

to schedule an audtion contact

Leah Wilhjelm, Orchestra Manager (802) 888-4470 or email:


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